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September 14, 2009

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Local author D. K. Christi has launched her second novel, Ghost Orchid,  almost three years to the day since her best selling, debut novel, Arirang: The Bamboo Connection was released.    Arirang: The Bamboo Connection is of epic proportions, nearly 500 pages of adventure across six continents including blue water sailing in the Caribbean.   She also has short stories published in several popular anthologies.

Ghost Orchid is a more intimate read, set in the jungles of South America, the Svelts of Africa and the swamps in the Everglades “sea of grass.”  D. K. Christi takes the reader into the hearts of photographers who find their passion in search of the unique photo where time and subject reach perfection.  One family’s love, lies and redemption permeates the story as the beautiful Irish girl, Neev, seeks her past and finds instead a mystery that unfolds, one coincidence at a time. 

Roger discovers the perfect photo subject, or does it find him?  He is haunted by the ghost orchid of Corkscrew Swamp Audubon Sanctuary and cannot escape its mystical power.  His relationship with Neev contrasts with another love story that explodes with a crescendo and answers the question:  Is love eternal? 

Beautiful imagery reflects D. K. Christi’s own love for the Sanctuary where she celebrated the first blooming of the ghost orchid in July 2007 for her birthday and stalked it during three summers through 2009.  The Naples Daily News reporter followed her on the boardwalk in 2008 and chronicled her obsession with the ethereal and rare ghost orchid. 

Ghost Orchid is a fiction novel,” confirms D. K. Christi. “It is only one story that could be told about the lives touched by the rare and exciting event in Corkscrew Swamp.  There are many more for me to write.  In the meantime, the readers will fall in love with Neev and share her joy and her sorrows as the ghost orchid works its mystical magic.”

Ghost Orchid is available at ISBN 978-1-60318-136-5, suggested Retail $14.95, soon available at all online and most book stores.  D. K. Christi is available for readings and book signings evenings and weekends.  She will be celebrating the Local Authors Event at Barnes and Nobles Book Sellers, Waterside on Saturday, October 31.  More information at or email .

D. K. Christi is a long-time resident of Southwest Florida, a community advocate for those who need a louder voice and an educator/administrator in several school districts, local colleges and universities.

Ghost Orchid


D.K. Christi has written extensively for state departments of education and school districts, incnt information systems and education curricula adopted statewide. D.K. ti has been published in technical journals and business association publications, and is an editor by profession. She was a founding member of a philanthropic organization currently at over $50 million in equity, is a Rotarian and community advocate for people who need a louder voice.
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"Romance of My Dreams 2 - Romance Anthology - Featuring "The View from the Balcony" Re Dreams – Romance Anthology – Featuring "The Ice Storm" by D K Christi



Synopsis and Excerpt

Publisher: L&L Dreamspell/L&L Dreamspell, Published: Spring, Texas, 2009 Available & distributors to retailers; ebook sites

GHOST ORCHID, by D. K. Christi 166 pp. trade paperback paranormal mainstream fiction


A mysterious orchid is central to a story of love, lies, and redemption. Once more before I die?the haunting mantra of a lonely woman. A woman grieving more than one loss. On her regular walks amongst the splendor of the Audubon Society sanctuary, situated at the edge of the Florida Everglades, the sights and sounds of nature filled the void in Mel's soul. She found peace here. No tears for what might have been. Only joy for having experienced the ecstasy of a great love. Her secrets stayed buried.

In another part of the world an exquisitely beautiful young woman also found peace by immersing herself in nature, capturing its beauty on film for National Geographic. Educated in Europe's finest boarding schools, Neev became a model at fourteen, but after four years of posing and false smiles she knew she wanted more out of life. She quit modeling to study Philosophy at Oxford University. Neev's love of photography brought her to the other side of the camera lens, and to exotic locations around the globe. Working on assignment with famous photographer Roger Andrew, she often trekked deep into the jungle in search of rare flowers. Having a young, beautiful woman as a partner seemed like a good omen, and Roger thought their travels together could lead to a unique discovery. In spite of the age difference, their shared passion soon blossomed into a loving relationship. He wondered why someone so young would crave this nomadic, isolated lifestyle.

Although Neev did share bits of information about her family, she always kept parts of her past a secret. When a Ghost Orchid began to bloom at the Audubon Society sanctuary, Roger knew this was the opportunity he'd been waiting for. Neev was reluctant to visit Florida, for personal reasons, but he convinced her to accompany him on the trip.

After a series of odd coincidences, they soon discovered this sensuous flower wasn't just rare and beautiful, it also had a strange, mystical power?


The high-pitched, grating sound of twisting metal chased screaming birds into the sky. A sickening rumble erupted as the car dove into the earth, upside down, crushing the roof. The screeching tires etched black marks on the highway for several yards, carving trenches in the shoulder as the vehicles left the road. The bright, red sports car glanced off the white sedan, but slid safely along the edge of the blacktop and stopped just short of the ditch. A plume of smoke and dust almost concealed the careening vehicles.

The shocked dump truck driver, pulling a heavy load of gravel, lost control and the truck slammed into the ditch on the other side of the narrow two-lane highway, the impact jamming the doors shut. For a moment in time, a deafening silence filled the air as though the crash sucked the life out of the universe in exchange for the life of the driver who attempted the left turn from the sanctuary road. Her car was upside down across the ditch, her bleeding torso visible half out the window, suspended by the hanging seat belt and the deflating airbags.

The contents of the car--shoes, a jacket, a briefcase, a computer--flew with abandon across the field as the doors popped open on impact with the red car and the final slam into the earth. A silver disk hung precariously from the player slot, the music from his heart collected just for her now useless, empty. The cell phone that was in her hand at impact flew out the window and found its resting place in a clump of brush, well hidden from the carnage. In that split second, in a blink of the eye, a snap of the fingers, the time it takes for a sip of coffee, to change a computer disc, or to glance out the window; in that split second, she was gone. All that remained was a broken shell of the person who just moments ago validated life in her beloved sanctuary, the sanctuary where her heart resonated with nature, transforming all the doubts in her life into new hopes and longings just beyond her reach.

The dazed truck driver tumbled out, hitting the ground awkwardly as the door broke loose. Landing hard at first, he seemed unharmed. The driver of the red sports car ran toward the overturned sedan; but the truck driver, reaching for his fire extinguisher, dialing 911 on his cell phone at the same time, stopped him. He pointed to the raw fuel that poured down the side of the overturned car, filling the air with its ominous odor. Traffic stopped. A few people dashed from their vehicles in useless attempts to help, some to gawk. The site was terrifying: the tires still spinning in the air, the blood still oozing from the lifeless body, and the growing pool of potentially explosive fuel spreading ominously.

Everything that mattered before was no longer of any consequence: not the important papers that blew down the highway or the projects on the computer or the lists of things undone or the secrets that would never be revealed. Death was like that; or is it?

Excerpt 2

It was an amazing view. The rising sun sent shimmers of light

across the dew on the delicate, gossamer petals dancing in a slight

breeze. The blooms, all three, were small and perilously perched

at the ends of long, slender stems stretching away from the roots,

wrapped around the tree. It appeared as if they were ready to take

off, break free. Finally, he released the scope to Ray.

At first Ray had difficulty with the focus. Neev stepped up

and adjusted it for him until he could see the orchid well. Her

touch as she brushed next to him was electric. Her every move

struck him as sensuous and arousing.

Ray’s quiet voice was barely audible. “It’s as if his pictures

have come to life.” He, too, was struck by the infinite beauty of the

three ghosts in the morning sun. He saw his father here, peering

through his own lens at this very flower with unexplained fascination.

In this moment, he felt closer to his father than in most

of his adult life. It took Ray’s stoic nature to quell the groundswell

of tears, the loss of his father’s companionship, the aches of his

youth, from pouring fourth in front of these strangers and this

beautiful young woman.