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  • A new voice in fiction - and through her stories perhaps discover something new about yourself. -
  • Ghost Orchid is brilliant! . . . a must read.  I can't say enough about this title.  Christi's style will definitely leave you feeling the magic.  -  BK Walker Books
  • The beauty of the Everglades shines through on every page; the (ghost orchid) - the heart and soul of the story. -  NPR Reviews
  • Characters that are believable - descriptions of the sanctuary are fantastic and illustrate her skill at writing. -  Reader Views
  • Loved the story  -  Ed Carlson, Executive Director, Blair Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
  • Fall under the spell of Christi as she weaves a magical tale of love, betrayal and forgiveness. - Midwest Book Reviews
  •  A true romantic -  the beauty in nature is only surpassed by the inner beauty she portrays in finding true love. - Abe March, To Beirut & Back
  • A well-written story of crossed paths and missed connections that all fit together like a puzzle. -  Ghostwriterreviews
  • Ghost Orchid inspires us.  One flower.  Four destinies. - Romancing the Pubs
  • I loved the story.  The Book Buff
NPR interview with D. K. Christi :

The Ghost Orchid combined with a white orchid plant as a gift for any special day, equally treasured by men and women. A story of a young woman who seeks knowledge about a mysterious father - an evening of reading joy, even if you are your own best friend.  Pick up a copy in Southwest Florida from the Naples Visitor's Information Center, Hallmark Gifts at Sunshine Plaza and Eastfork Orchids in Bonita Springs, and at Corkscrew Swamp Gift Shop.  Order from booksellers and all online ebook and print web sites. 

D. K. Christi tells the story of SEX, MYTHS AND MAGIC - THE GHOST ORCHID - and is available to speak at organizations.  The upbeat and informative talk reveals secrets of this rare and endangered orchid in its habitat. 

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.  (CLICK FOR MAP & DIRECTIONS) Listen to WGCU (NPR Radio) Interview D. K. Christi and Ed Carlson, Executive Director of Corkscrew Swamp on Gulf Coast Live 6-29-11.  (Click on Gulf Coast Live).  Email: for author D.K.Christi led tour info.  Beware:  ghost orchids are apparently tasty and disappear as they bloom; enjoy Corkscrew for its beauty and hope for a ghost orchid from May through September. Call ahead.

 Southwest Spotlight is a newsprint magazine in print and online, featuring articles by D. K. Christi.  See Quest for the Ghost Orchid article appearing on Page 13, August 2011.  Enjoy!

Ghost Orchid at Corkscrew Swamp by Darryl Saffer

Dames of Dialogue Blog 9/19/10 by Caitlyn Hunter

    Inspiration to Publication - A ghostly Experience by D. K. Christi
Click here for a quick view of Corkscrew Swamp & the Ghost Orchid
National Public Radio reviews Ghost Orchid here.

Walk the Blair Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary boardwalk and follow the Ghost Orchid  passages in the novel that touch your heart and take you into the mystery that unfolds...revealing eternal love wrapped around the mystical ghost orchid.  The roots are still wrapped tightly around the bald cypress, and the cool breeze greets you upon approach... - Be ready with Ghost Orchid in your hands for the Ghost Orchid's first blooms.

Ghost Orchid, a story of love, lies and redemption set in exotic locations, a mystery unraveling one coincidence at a time - a gift for all seasons for those you love - Is love eternal?  Look for the answers in Ghost Orchid.

Ghost Orchid

D.K. Christi
L&L Dreamspell (2009)
ISBN 9781603181365

By Betty L. Dravis " Valley, CA) -
(TOP 1000 REVIEWER)    
This review is from: Ghost Orchid (Paperback)
I was always told that you can't judge a book by its cover, but with Ghost Orchid you can! The story inside is just as beautiful as the cover. Both are as rare as the ghost orchid on the cover. Author D.K. Christi has woven her knowledge of the Florida Everglades and nature into an exquisite, enchanting love story where a rare ghost orchid plays a magical, pivotal role for all the characters.

The story opens with a lonely, middle-aged woman, Mel, taking her daily walk at the Audubon Society Sanctuary, reminiscing about her lost love and other secrets of her past. Although melancholy, she feels blessed to have experienced a "Great Love" in her life. She longs to see her estranged lover "just once more before she dies" and is happier among the sights and sounds of nature than anywhere else. She's a solitary figure at the sanctuary, well-liked by the staff. The story switches back and forth between Mel and Neev, a statuesque beauty who quit modeling to study philosophy at Oxford University. Neev loves photography, so eventually decides to pursue that career, a path that takes her to exotic locations around the world. She lands a plum assignment with a famous photographer, Roger Andrew, who is always seeking a rare "find" in nature. Roger is much older than Neev, but he becomes her mentor and best friend and they have a loving relationship.

Although Roger and Neev share many things, she never confides to him about her family life or her reluctance to visit Florida. And Roger doesn't talk much of his ex-wife and son. Roger is passionate in his mission to uncover a "rare find," so when he learns that a ghost orchid is blooming at the Audubon Society Sanctuary, he convinces Neev to accompany him.

For reasons I can't reveal without spoiling the plot, Neev is as passionate in her dislike of her mother as Roger is about his drive to find the elusive flower. Neev was raised by a devoted German couple and always wondered about her father. She longs to know more about him, but harbors little hope for a "love of her own."

Something happens to Mel at the same time the rare orchid is spotted. That's a tragedy, but it creates the magic in this story, bringing the most unlikely people together in the most magical ways.

What happens to Mel? Why has Neev chosen such a solitary, lonely life? What is so unique about this particular ghost orchid? Does it really have mystical powers? Who is the mysterious amateur photographer who becomes Roger's email friend? And how do Roger's Florida relatives fit into the picture?

D.K. Christi answers all those questions in a masterful way, with near-perfect pacing, believable, likable characters--and a little help from a rare ghost orchid.

I highly recommend this haunting, exquisite love story.

Reviewed by Betty Dravis, July 22, 2010
Author of "Dream Reachers" (with Chase Von) and other books

by Victoria Gonzalez for Reader Views (01/10)

 The Ghost Orchid is the most sought-after orchid by orchid enthusiasts. It is this orchid that brings and ties a family together in unimaginable ways. A lonely woman, a man, a photographer, and a young woman are all brought together when a Ghost Orchid bloom is spotted at the Audubon Society sanctuary where the woman takes her daily walks.

The lonely woman has a secret that she has never revealed, the man is simply drawn by the bloom, and the photographer and the young woman have a loving, but strange working relationship. When they meet at the orchid bloom they discover that their paths are intertwined, and their discovery is just as rare and beautiful as the orchid.

Christi is a skilled writer, and she is very good at creating characters that are believable. Her descriptions of the sanctuary are fantastic, and illustrate her skill at writing, "He stopped in wonder as the curving walk led to an open marsh where bright yellow flowers crowded each other, racing for the sun that spilled its golden essence as far as the eye could see. As he looked to the left and the right and straight ahead, the spindly cypress trees were but sticks at the edge of the vast sea of gold."

One of the characters, the young woman, is secretive and it is interesting to discover parts about her past along with the photographer. She is a former model that chose to leave modeling and become a photographer for National Geographic, which requires an isolated lifestyle. Her relationship that develops with the photographer is fascinating to read as it develops.

The photographer is very remarkable, his dedication to his job and leaving a legacy and masterpiece are both interesting and understandable. There is a sort of desperation that all of the characters have to find some meaning in their lives, and when they find this mystical orchid, they begin to grasp at the answer.

I highly recommend Ghost Orchid by D.K. Christi to anyone who enjoys adventure and romance, or anyone who appreciates the draw of this rare orchid, and can imagine it having a strange power to pull people together.

5.0 out of 5 stars Love never dies, October 31, 2009

Author D.K. Christi is a true romantic. Her ability to describe the beauty in nature is only surpassed by the inner beauty she portrays in finding true love. She writes as though she has experienced this beauty. Her characters draw the reader into a web of emotion, anguish and intrigue.

The birth of a girl left with foster parents in Germany, takes the reader on a journey to the jungles of Brazil and the Everglades in Florida photographing the beauty of nature. A mystery controls the life of the heroine seeking answers and yearning for an elusive love. Finding a rare flower, a Ghost Orchid, becomes a magnet that brings together lost loves, unfolds hidden secrets and serves to unite and heal. To learn more, read the book synopsis. Better still, read the book. You may discover your own hidden desires.


by D.K. Christi

L&L Dreamspell

P.O. Box 1984

Friendswood, TX 77549-1984

ISBN 9781603181365

Christy Tillery French for Midwest Book Reviews MBR


Mel, consumed by her love for a man who shares her passion but cannot commit to her, finds consolation in her daily walks at an Audubon Society sanctuary near the Florida Everglades. Her daughter, Neev, raised by foster parents, does not understand nor can she forgive her mother for abandoning her and deliberately keeps her at arm's length. A former model and graduate of Oxford University, Neev interns under Roger Andrew, an acclaimed photographer with National Geographic. As the two travel to exotic locales, they enter into a romantic relationship which deepens into an affectionate friendship. Roger's passion is shooting scarce and endangered flora, and when he learns that a Ghost Orchid, a rare form of the orchid family, is blooming at an Audubon Society sanctuary in Florida, he cannot miss this opportunity. Knowing Neev dislikes the area where her mother lived, he nevertheless asks her to accompany him there. Neev agrees, setting in motion mystical occurrences surrounding the Ghost Orchid connecting Neev's past to her present and future.


Ghost Orchid is a lovely story brilliantly depicted through the author's poetic prose and vibrant descriptives. Characters are well-developed and intriguing, as are the locales portrayed. Readers will fall under the spell of Christi as she weaves a magical tale of love, betrayal and forgiveness.


A copy of Ghost Orchid tucked in an orchid plant makes a special gift.  A touch of the spiritual and the meaning of love - a novel for all times.

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