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Who is D. K. Christi?


D. K. Christi grew up in a midwestern town on Lake Michigan.  Youth was spent enjoying the water sports on the inland lakes and the "Big Lake;" yet included its own challenges that sent Christi reaching for stars at a young age.

     Christi graduated with honors with several undergraduate college experiences, receiving an M.Ed. in Administration and Supervision from the University of South Florida, Tampa.  Additional graduate studies in vocational and adult administration led to a career in the Administration of multiple federal and state programs that provide special services to target populations.

     Marriage and family provided detours that changed original career plans, but provided instead the joy that only a parent knows.  The little family traveled extensively and built a memory chest of people, places, and dreams across states and continents that are reflected in  Christi's stories.

     Travel stories enliven Christi's motivational talks and provide substance to teach strategic planning for cataclysmic change and adjusting to cultural differences.  Christi writes extensively for universities and school districts both curriculum and proposals for grant funding in the millions of dollars. 

     An advocate for those who need a louder voice to overcome their barriers to a quality life,  Christi has been a founding member of philanthropic organizations with assets over $50 million, member and leader in Rotary and business and community organizations, trustee for the birth of a new neighborhood church and founding board member/treasurer for a charitable, membership organization meeting the needs of the underemployed.

    Christi currently lives in Florida, enjoying the Gulf, the swamps, the quaint little towns with their "rails to trails" bike paths, the rivers for kayaking and quiet evenings at home with friends.  Recreational choices include science fiction based on scientific projections (not horror), old movies, music from the 40's and 70's and dancing. Christi is a feature writer for


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D. K. Christi is available as a speaker, consultant, editor and writer. 

D. K. Christi, P. O. Box 367061, Bonita Springs, FL 34136


"All I know is in this moment."  D. K. Christi


"Author to Watch, D. K. Christi -
          D.K. Christi's debut novel
Arirang, a romantic adventure that spans seven continents, conveys an underlying theme that "life happens when you are planning something else." In Christi's shorter works such as Chalk, The Magic Box, and The Valentine , exclusive to Amazon Shorts , themes of friendship surviving tragedy, love conquering adversity, and the triumph of the human spirit over the hardships of life serve to uplift and inspire. Discover a new voice in fiction and through her stories, perhaps discover something new about yourself.  Find these short stories and more in the Kindle ebook Amour:  Stories of Love and Friendship."

Ghost Orchid, and two short stories "The Ice Storm" and "The View From The Balcony" in Romance of My Dreams anthologies I & II are recent releases by  L & L Dreamspell

 D. K. Christi's debut novel, Arirang, lives with the challenges of the present.  Struggles for a "raison d'etre" and the heroine's fears are universal in their appeal and their message:  Life is what happens as we plan for something else.

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