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Amtrak Residency

Posted by dkchristi on March 15, 2014 at 9:40 PM

I applied.  In the past, I have sailed on cruise ships for the express purpose of finishing short stories and novels in a new environment.  My favorite "writing room" rocks and rolls but provides a cozy escape with a port to the Caribbean, sea breezes and healthy food.  I write up a storm discovering new faces on deck and on shore.

The Amtrak residency was a writer's idea that took off on Twitter and led Amtrak's social media department to offer 24 long-haul residencies to authors of various ilk.  Thus, I am vying for one of 24 slots.  The odds are not good.

I've always had a love affair with trains, wishing to ride the Orient Express one day.  I thought when I retired I'd ride the rails into the sunset, but unfortunately the cost with a sleeper car is prohibitive compared to cruise ships or road trips.  So, riding the rails remained a fantasy.

I often took the short trip from Chicago to Holland as the second leg of my air flight from Fort Myers to Muskegon, Michigan.  It was such an improvement to hours waiting for a connecting flight that might be stopped by snow.  It takes a lot to stop trains, mostly lack of travelers or profits!

Along the train tracks are little villages I've never seen from the highway with their washed white sided houses and porches overlooking the tracks.  The train must have been the major entertainment! 

Well, at least applying puts me in the frame of mind to hope and dream, picturing the countryside whizzing by as I contemplate the clouds and remember snatches of conversation from the lounge that must go in a book.

I have a great story about an insurance policy that could use this train as the setting.  Hmmm.  Thank you Amtrak for opening my mind again to possibilities.  I hope to see you soon.

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