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Love transcends hate and redemption comes through nature as an exotic ghost orchid heals old wounds and leads to new surprises in the Everglades. An exquisitely beautiful young woman with a past as a runway model, shows promise as a photographer living a charmed life except for her hunger to know her roots, kept hidden from her.

A tragic automobile accident, a ghost orchid and a colleague become intertwined in a series of coincidences that gradually unravel like a mystery unfolding until the surprise ending overcomes tragedy with hope and redemption as only nature can provide.

Does love endure through eternity? This charming mystery wrapped around the true incident of a unique blooming of a ghost orchid in an Audubon sanctuary attempts to provide an answer. The reader will feel the cool air that marks the spot where the ghost orchid blooms and dances in the swamp breeze.


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Local author D. K. Christi has launched her second novel, Ghost Orchid,  almost three years to the day since her best selling, debut novel, Arirang: The Bamboo Connection was released.    Arirang: The Bamboo Connection is of epic proportions, nearly 500 pages of adventure across six continents including blue water sailing in the Caribbean.   She also has short stories published in several popular anthologies.

Ghost Orchid is a more intimate read, set in the jungles of South America, the Svelts of Africa and the swamps in the Everglades “sea of grass.”  D. K. Christi takes the reader into the hearts of photographers who find their passion in search of the unique photo where time and subject reach perfection.  One family’s love, lies and redemption permeates the story as the beautiful Irish girl, Neev, seeks her past and finds instead a mystery that unfolds, one coincidence at a time. 

Roger discovers the perfect photo subject, or does it find him?  He is haunted by the ghost orchid of Corkscrew Swamp Audubon Sanctuary and cannot escape its mystical power.  His relationship with Neev contrasts with another love story that explodes with a crescendo and answers the question:  Is love eternal? 

Beautiful imagery reflects D. K. Christi’s own love for the Sanctuary where she celebrated the first blooming of the ghost orchid in July 2007 for her birthday and stalked it during three summers through 2009.  The Naples Daily News reporter followed her on the boardwalk in 2008 and chronicled her obsession with the ethereal and rare ghost orchid. 

Ghost Orchid is a fiction novel,” confirms D. K. Christi. “It is only one story that could be told about the lives touched by the rare and exciting event in Corkscrew Swamp.  There are many more for me to write.  In the meantime, the readers will fall in love with Neev and share her joy and her sorrows as the ghost orchid works its mystical magic.”

Ghost Orchid is available at ISBN 978-1-60318-136-5, suggested Retail $14.95, soon available at all online and most book stores.  D. K. Christi is available for readings and book signings evenings and weekends.  She will be celebrating the Local Authors Event at Barnes and Nobles Book Sellers, Waterside on Saturday, October 31.  More information at or email .

D. K. Christi is a long-time resident of Southwest Florida, a community advocate for those who need a louder voice and an educator/administrator in several school districts, local colleges and universities.

PostSubject: Ghost Orchid ebook is posted at site!   Today at 7:15 pm Orchid Synopsis:
A mysterious orchid is central to a story of love, lies, and redemption.
Once more before I die
…the haunting mantra of a lonely woman. A woman grieving more than one loss.
On her regular walks amongst the splendor of the Audubon Society sanctuary, situated at the edge of the Florida Everglades, the sights and sounds of nature filled the void in Mel’s soul.
She found peace here. No tears for what might have been. Only joy for having experienced the ecstasy of a great love. Her secrets stayed buried.
In another part of the world an exquisitely beautiful young woman also found peace by immersing herself in nature, capturing its beauty on film for National Geographic.
Educated in Europe’s finest boarding schools, Neev became a model at fourteen, but after four years of posing and false smiles she knew she wanted more out of life. She quit modeling to study Philosophy at Oxford University.
Neev’s love of photography brought her to the other side of the camera lens, and to exotic locations around the globe. Working on assignment with famous photographer Roger Andrew, she often trekked deep into the jungle in search of rare flowers.
Having a young, beautiful woman as a partner seemed like a good omen, and Roger thought their travels together could lead to a unique discovery. In spite of the age difference, their shared passion soon blossomed into a loving relationship. He wondered why someone so young would crave this nomadic, isolated lifestyle. Although Neev did share bits of information about her family, she always kept parts of her past a secret.
When a Ghost Orchid began to bloom at the Audubon Society sanctuary, Roger knew this was the opportunity he’d been waiting for. Neev was reluctant to visit Florida, for personal reasons, but he convinced her to accompany him on the trip.
After a series of odd coincidences, they soon discovered this sensuous flower wasn’t just rare and beautiful, it also had a strange, mystical power…
"All I know is in this moment."
Ghost Orchid Love,lies & redemption;a mystery unfolds.
Arirang: The Bamboo Connection High adventure laced with love.
The World Outside The Window Anthology "Rose's Question"
Romance of My Dreams Anthology "The Ice Storm" & "The View From the Balcony"
Amazon Shorts - "Author to Watch" - eight short stories

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Ghost Orchid Review by Romancing The Pubs

Ghost Orchid by D.K. Christi inspires us.  One flower.  Four destinies.

Tragedy, love and one rare flower reunite these four people.

Mel lost the only love she'd ever known.  After a difficult break-up with Jack, she seeks comfort and peace in a sanctuary where the rare white Ghost Orchid grows.  Neev and Roger are fellow photographers but love between them will never be more than friendship. Neev never believed in true love and prefers travelling around the world and concentrates her energies on working.  Roger is much older, and secretly loves Neev, but he knows no future could ever exist with her.  Instead, he seeks the ghost orchid since seeing the rare flower on the cover of a book.  Roger and Neev travel to Florida where the ghost orchid was spotted.  In the sanctuary, their lives will change forever.

The story, Ghost Orchid, flows and is filled with tragedy, love and hope.  The main characters show intelligence, self-confidence and still believe in love despite whatever life throws at them.

Ghost Orchid by D.K. Christi is found at:

MJ Smith is a reviewer for Romancing the Pubs. She is also the author of, Forever Yours.

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Don't miss the easy-listening review of Ghost Orchid by National Public Radio, a wonderful intro to the story itself.

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Words are my photographs and my paint, novels and short stories my canvas. Thank you for taking this journey with me. May all your journeys be filled with wonder and joy. D. K. Christi


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D. K. Christi as Consultant::

D. K . Christi is a professional, platform speaker who informs and entertains small to large groups as a keynote presentation or in workshops that are interactive and exciting adventures for all participants.

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Ghost Orchid

Presented by:

D. K. Christi, author, journalist and lecturer


D. K. Christi shares her obsession with the “Super Ghost” of Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary and why it’s a “matter of consequence.”

D. K. Christi lived and worked in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. Her stories and novels capture the multi-cultural experiences and the beauty, fear and excitement of foreign lands. Three years of blue water sailing in the Caribbean add tropical spice. A polished and professional platform speaker who includes the audience.


Christi spent her U.S. years in Michigan, California and Florida with stops in Idaho and Washington, D.C. Today she contributes feature articles to the Bonita Springs Southwest Spotlight, and is available for freelance writing, editing and grant proposals between novels. Favorite local haunts are Bonita Beach, Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, Koreshan State Park, and all outdoor places to kayak and ride her bicycle.